WEll Hello There.

Welcome to the real food collective: a space that collects recipes and resources aimed at unleashing our power as individuals toward becoming responsible global citizens, and healthier humans, by changing the way we eat. Or at the very least -- a place that  inspires the creation of your next favourite meal.

Why food?

Because food is at the heart of some of the most pressing issues of our time:  obesity, malnutrition, global security, poverty, climate change. Since we all eat on a daily basis, the power to alleviate these intrinsically connected issues is in our hands. By making more informed choices as we choose, prepare and consume food, we become heroes in our everyday ordinary lives. 

We are trained to think that only a tiny percentage of us will cure any diseases or slay any dragons, but every single one of us, every-single-one-of-us, is called to be a hero in our ordinary lives.
— chris stout, centre for global initiatives.


Originally sourced from the oldest public hospital in Canada, Carolynn is a Health Policy professional and Kinesiologist currently residing in the small mountain town of Canmore, AB. When she is not in the kitchen, she moonlights as a socialite of the tech industry - working to build community and leveraging the networks of successful startup entrepreneurs in AB. 

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