three of my favorite food producers.

#1. Elephant Juice Food Company.

While I like to pretend that I had at least the smallest role in the creation of this company, the truth is that this genius little plan was entirely seeded in the brain of the older brother of my scottish flatmates. Although I did get to taste test some of the soups prior to it's launch (seriously - haggis soup...come on people), I have not had the pleasure of purchasing a hot bowl on a cold rainy day from their truck which is often parked at the heart of the University of Edinburgh's beautiful campus. All stories aside, this truly is one of the most inspiring companies that I have ever come across. Check them out:

#2. Theo Chocolate.

Seriously, what else needs to be said. Responsible chocolate producers. Innovative. Responsible. Change Drivers. Not only do I think that they legitimately will change the world through their responsible production of chocolate, I also think that consuming their chocolate will legitimately change YOUR world.

#3. Tacofino.

I'm including tacofino in this list because I literally cannot stop thinking about eating there. If I lived in tofino I would definitely be in trouble. Although the first two food producers had a social venture component to their business, Tacofino does not. But don't let that stop you from consuming a great local product that is absolutely mind-blow-ing-ly delicious. And don't forget the chocolate diablo cookie - wow.

"It's like Cheers - you come back, they know you - so everyone wants to feel that."