how to eat well while camping.

We love love love to camp.


Camping is the best.

And we rock at it.

But camping with food in mind is a little bit tricky. Gone are the days from my childhood when we used to cook up pasta, eat cereal from those mini sample pack boxes and devour an array of chips and crackers. 

These days, it's strictly healthy. Or at least that is what we tell ourselves.

1. Bring a lot of spinach in a plastic + recyclable container. 

2. Have lots of tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers + onions ready. 

3. Keep goat cheese in the cooler.

4. Replace ice frequently.

5. Eggs, eggs and more eggs.

6. Quinoa!

7. Need it to go? Wrap it in a wrap.

8. Banana BOATS! (Slice a banana in half lengthwise in the peel. Top with pb, chocolate, raisins, nuts etc. Wrap in tin foil, place in the fire until mushy. Open up, top with yogurt and berries).

9. Have a supply of fresh fruit (we like bananas, mangos, oranges + berries).

10. Get a decent kitchen set up. We love ours:

11. Other things we like to bring: hummus, mustard, greek yogurt, quick oats, peanut butter, trail mix, coconut milk, 90% chocolate, hardboiled eggs, goji powder + pumpkin seeds.

12. What we usually eat for breakfast:

  • cook up a double serving of oatmeal
  • mix in a couple of tbsp of pb and 90% chocolate while still hot. Split into two bowls.
  • CARO'S version: Mash half a banana in with the oatmeal. Top with yogurt, chopped orange, pumpkin seeds, trail mix + milk.
  • CLINT's version: Mash in dry cereal (like this one). Top with yogurt, goji powder, pumpkin seeds, coconut, raspberries + blueberries.