sweet potato and carrot soup with carmelized onions, apples and tomatoes.

it snowed here today. in april.

it was my fault really.

i brought my bike upstairs from the garage to give it a spring tune up. i should have known better. the sunny days we have had for the past week were not convincing enough to get out the bike.

regardless - the mountains did look beautiful when the snow finally cleared for a few minutes.

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on to the soup. 

todays soup was a post-gym-3-pm-lunch-time kind of soup. i needed something quick, but I also wanted something warm and delicious, given the current weather conditions. i had some random left over veggies to finish up so everything on this list was already in my fridge. adapt this recipe to what is in yours. 

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photo 2-5.JPG

Chop up one small organic sweet potato and three large organic carrots. Steam in a pot. After about five minutes, add half of a peeled and chopped red apple. Steam for 5 more minutes. 

Meanwhile, in a frying pan heat up some coconut oil. Add half a chopped onion, a few chopped cherry tomatoes and the rest of the (peeled and chopped) red apple. 


Once the steaming pot is done, add the steamed veggies to your vitamix. Spice with some cayenne pepper, salt + ginger. Add coconut milk (or almond or rice or oat...) to the vitamix. Liquify. Add more liquid as necessary (i ended up watering it down slightly as this is quite a thick and chunky soup.)

Once pulverized, add caramelized veggies and stir (don't put it back in the blender, you want the chunks - YUM).

Top with goat cheese + pumpkin seeds and you have fresh soup in 15 minutes.