my go to banana pancakes

its no secret that i love breakfast. like - really really love breakfast. typically, my breakfast involves nuts, bananas and chocolate. gotta start the day off on the right foot:

while i have many different favourite breakfasts, one of my go-to's is coconut banana pancakes. they are probably the most delicious thing that I know how to make for breakfast, and also perhaps the easiest.


mash up 3/4 of a banana in a bowl. add one egg and whisk with the banana until very well mixed. stir in 1/2 tsp of vanilla powder. mix again.  

in your vitamix or a coffee grinder blend about 3tbsp of organic flaked coconut to a fine flour (make sure you use coconut that does not contain sulfites...)

add the flour to the egg and banana mix.  


mix in a tbsp of roughly chopped pecans and a sprinkle of dark chocolate (or add these as toppings, or both) 

meanwhile, heat up a frying pan on medium heat with a little bit of coconut oil.

once hot, drop the pancake mix on the pan to make 2 round pancakes. 

heat until there are bubbles at the surface, flip and heat for another minute.  

once cooked, top with some nut butter, berries, bananas, kiwi, orange, nuts, coconut, goji berries, cherry-banana ice cream, maple syrup, hemp seeds, etc. etc. etc.