peach, bacon + brussels salad

i eat salad most of the day.  

i am a salad for lunch and dinner girl.  

just last week the boy asked if we were going to eat something other than salad for dinner.  'salad again?' he said. 'how will that ever fill you up?' 

later that evening he was reading men's health or men's fitness or some other magazine about men with 6-packs. he told me later that there was an article about how a sense of 'fullness' is correlated to portion size, rather than calorie intake. so - if he were to eat a plate full of salad, his brain would tell him he was just as full as if it had been a plate full of pizza.  

now he wants salad. 

peach, bacon + brussels salad

(serves two) 

Broil 6 pieces of bacon to desired crispy-ness (i like all natural, hormone free bacon).

Add two handfuls of mixed greens, 1/2 cup of chopped romaine, 6 shredded raw brussel sprouts, and a handful of arugula to a bowl. 

Chop up one peach, four vine ripened tomatoes, and half of an avocado. Add to bowl.

Add a handful of sprouts. 

Break the bacon into pieces and add to the bowl. 

In a small container with a lid, add 1 tbsp of all natural yellow mustard, 1/2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar, a dash of maple syrup and a dash of water. Shake to mix. Adjust to taste.

Pour the dressing over the bowl, mix together.  

Divide the salad onto two plates and top with goat cheese.