balsamic-strawberry and salmon lunch wraps.

well hello.

it has been a long time. 

i swear i have reasons.  

there are many, really. 

but for right now i will just highlight one: the flood.


the town i live in, along with many other communities in southern alberta, have experienced massive flooding in the last few weeks. sitting in my warm and dry home on the day it all started was a very surreal experience. i felt disconnected and connected. i felt stranded and close. i felt like part of a community. i felt frustrated that the flood distributed my day (or week, or two weeks) and i felt selfish for my lack of sympathy. i felt stunned when i finally had the chance to see the reality of the destruction - the path i ran on every day no longer existed. the exit i take off the highway was washed away. and the homes i admired every time we climbed rocks in the creek had their foundations destroyed. but overall, we were really lucky.

and today was the best day yet....after 2 weeks of having to boil water before drinking it, this little sign popped up! YAY we can wash dishes and drink from the tap!


so to celebrate, i finally have a new recipe for you! i came up with these little gems for a lunch date wednesday. i knew i wanted something delicious, simple and elegant and here is what i got.

balsamic-strawberry and salmon lunch wraps

inspired by healthful pursuit

Heat a pan on the stove on low setting. Add about 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar. Stir and reduce to half. 

balsamic vinegar reduction sauce

balsamic vinegar reduction sauce

Meanwhile, steam asparagus (I used about 8 cut in half)  and mash one tin of salmon with a wee bit of mustard, plain greek yogurt and pepper. 

my all time favourite condiment - use this stuff on EVERYTHING.

my all time favourite condiment - use this stuff on EVERYTHING.

Chop up about 6 strawberries in thin slices. Add to reduced balsamic and stir over low heat for two minutes.  

While heating, soak a piece of rice paper in water until soft. Lay on cutting board. On top of paper place seaweed paper.  

In a line add half the salmon mixture, half the strawberries, a few pieces of sliced asparagus, a handful of spinach and 1/6 of a sliced avocado. Wrap tightly (Leanne has great directions here.).

photo 5.JPG

Cut each wrap in half. 


Plate with remained asparagus, chopped tomato, arugula and goat cheese. 

photo 2.JPG