the beauty of earth, good food and fellowship

a couple of weeks ago i got to sit around a table with a group of (mostly) women working in the tech startup industry. we sat around the table and we ate. we bonded over dairy free french onion soup. and gluten free pasta. and how much we love our vita-mixes.  

wow - people that love the things that i love!

as i was reflecting on this really great evening, with the smell of my latest kitchen creation wafting through the house, i started reading an article on "8 ways to keep your brain innovative". now i am pretty new to the startup world, but it seems like there a lot of similarities between startups and food - at least more than you would think. or maybe it's just that I am somehow magically attracted to the people in startups who also like food. but regardless. right in the middle of this work-related article i found a refreshing statement that i really resonated with. the article was talking about how when you "un-plug" you have a greater appreciation for life and what really matters. Because what's important is "the beauty of earth, good food and fellowship". AH - a kindred spirit! Even in the chaos of the tech startup world, we recognize that, at the very heart of it, all that matters is the beauty of earth, good food and fellowship. 

Now this brings me to another conversation i had with a very wise and curious person. The kind of person who genuinely makes you second guess every statement that you make - in a good way. he challenges all of your thoughts and somehow still brings out the best in you. while we were talking about my new job and how people get connected in the tech world, he made a very simple statement that I had not really thought of yet. He said that even in the heart of the tech world, where the experts are, it is recognized that technology has it's limitations and, that you cannot have success with technology unless you grow community, invest in people, and engage with networks. Interesting thought. 

The more i learn about technology (and the more i grow to love it), the more i recognize and realize that the people behind the greatest technologies of our time are still real people. living, breathing and enjoying life. appreciating the beauty of earth, enjoying good food and fellowship. 

on that note. today i made fruit & nut leather. 

can you believe how simple and delicious this stuff is to make? its really unbelievable.

fruit & nut leather

Photo 2013-08-27 1 33 48 PM (1).jpg

Roast at 400 degrees an array of fruit (i chopped up 4 nectarines, one yellow plum and one banana, all pits removed) until it has an incredibly sweet scent. 

In your vitamix, combine the roasted fruits, 1/2 cup of well-soaked almonds (leave in water for 8 hours or more, i left mine for 48), and 1/2 cup of water.  

Blend on high until smooth.  

Pour evenly onto silipat sheets in very, very thin layers (nearly see through but not)

Leave in the oven on the lowest temperature possible (mine was 170) for about 3 hours. 

Peel off the sheets, allow to cool. Tear into pieces.