pumpkin kale quesadillas

Lately I haven't been eating my dinner until 7:30pm. By that time, all I want is something delicious with at least a little bit of protein. 

Tonight's dinner was heavy on the delicious scale. 

Photo 2013-09-17 7 36 24 PM.jpg

Take a Brown Rice Tortilla out of your freezer and allow to sit for a minute or two.

In the meantime, heat up a skillet on medium heat.  

Once the tortilla is soft, spread 2tbsp of hummus (I used olive flavoured) and 2tbsp of pumpkin puree all over the tortilla. 

Sprinkle with nutritional yeast. 

Tear up greens from one kale stalk, spread on one half of the tortilla.  

Add finely chopped cherry tomatoes and finely chopped frozen peaches to the same half.

Sprinkle with peppered goat cheese.  

Fold the tortilla in half so that kale/tomato/peach/goatcheese concoction is sandwiches between the pumpkin/hummus mixture and the tortilla. 

Place on skillet, heat for 3(ish) minutes. Flip, heat again. Remove from heat once the entire tortilla has been heated and the innards are melty.

Cut into three triangles.