on travelling & eating well.

usually when i travel i throw my typical eating rules out the window - my primary objective is just to eat really good food.

in general this usually ends up being pretty healthy anyway: always 100% gluten free, mostly dairy free and often involves heaps of dark chocolate.  

but sometimes i get a bit carried away and end up eating a whole lot more of this 'good' food than i normally would - especially when i am travelling for work and everyone else is eating something different. seriously, there are just way too many good options!

so in order to keep myself from going overboard, these are the FIVE things that i have been sticking to on my work trips lately:

#1. always always always stay in a hotel with a good gym. this is a key rule for me. nothing throws me off like failing to squeeze in a work out first thing in the morning. it screws up my whole day AND my motivation to eat well. If a gym is not an option where you are then start your day with a morning run. and if that isn't even possible then do some jumping jacks, burpees and single-leg bridges. there is ALWAYS time to squeeze an extra 10 minutes into your morning...especially when you are travelling. Not only does it boost my energy, but i always make better food choices on the days i work out.

#2. scope out good food options beforehand - especially when you arrive at the airport, or in the morning on the way to meetings. even if food is included i will usually eat my own breakfast...i need extra protein and gluten-filled muffins with fruit for breakfast is just not my cup of tea.

#3. don't be afraid to speak up about where & what you want to eat. if you are going out with a group then offer a suggestion of a good place to go. people will be happy that you are doing the hard work of choosing a place to eat...if you become the organizer they won't even know you took charge because you are a picky eater. muahaha.

#4. keep snacks in your bag. whether that be hardboiled eggs, nut butter & a banana, a homemade protein bar or a package of protein powder. if you run out of options this will save you from being grumpy - just trust me.

#5. FINALLY, let yourself indulge. You shouldn't restrict good food altogether - you can do that when you are back home. you don't need to tell yourself the excuse 'what if i never get back here and eat this food ever. again. in. my. life' just stop being so dramatic! if you are hungry and you want to indulge, do it. but whatever you do, you MUST ENJOY IT! if you don't enjoy it it wasn't worth it. and if you get stuck in that situation, tell yourself why you didn't enjoy it and let yourself make a better choice next time. don't write off the day. just write off that moment and move on.