on being busy and a sweet&green post-run breakfast bowl

If you know me you'll know that I am a busy person. and if you know me well you will know that this is actually not true at all.

I'm really not that busy - I just like to act busy. Why? Because somewhere during my lifetime I got this twisted idea that busy-ness = success. 

To sit and look at that statement is kind of odd because of course busy-ness does not = success, that doesn't even make sense! and yet, i live my life as if it does. 

I read a silly analogy somewhere that chickens are busiest right after their heads get cut off. They run around wildly flapping their wings and looking like they are getting shit done -- and yet they are not - they are headless! clearly, chickens are much more productive when their heads are still attached and they look much less busy. 

so what am i trying to say?

I have been wrestling a lot with my personal definition of success lately. not what makes you successful, but what makes ME successful. when will i know that I have been successful - when i have achieved something? when i am satisfied? when i am able to do more things at the same time?? when am i going to stop running through my life like a chicken with it's head cut off? when am i going to start being a productive chicken that lays eggs and is alive? when am i going to understand that success does not equal busy-ness?

I am an extreme multi-tasker. not just a regular multitasker, no - i take multitasking to an entirely new level. in the morning, you will often find me sautéing vegetables on high heat on the stove, while simultaneously emptying the dishwasher, poaching an egg, getting dressed (on an entirely different floor of the house), zesting a lemon, eating my breakfast, packing my lunch and making a cup of inverted aero-press coffee. legitimately i do all of these things at the SAME time, just ask my husband.

in these moments i tell myself 'if i could only get one more thing done in this same moment then i will be more efficient, productive, successful -- just one more thing'. Recently i stopped myself in one of these moments and laughed. YES. i had successfully accomplished all of those things mentioned above in an exceptionally fast time frame with superior results. was it the most efficient way to accomplish all of these tasks? probably not. did i save any time? maybe a bit. did i enjoy the process? no, definitely not.

so in an effort to slow down, enjoy the process, and hopefully attempt to discover a new definition of success - i attempted to move slowly this morning. to keep things simple, and to devote exclusive time to each of the tasks i attempted to accomplish. did this make me more efficient and successful? probably not. did i enjoy it more? definitely! i forced myself to consciously think about this on my run this morning and when i finally stopped to look up this is what i saw:

my backyard - for real. how do i not notice this more often?

seriously. i need to slow down more often!

after my run, i made a simple breakfast bowl (surprise, surprise). i have found myself craving savory things, like protein and greens, more often in the morning. i still like my fruit though so this breakfast is the result of those mixed emotions.

  1. throw a handful of spinach and kale in a pan (with a lid) on the stove and gently steam for 3 minutes.
  2. to a bowl, add*
    • 1/4 of an avocado (chopped),
    • one chopped soft boiled egg,
    • a few spoonfuls of quinoa, 
    • and the steamed vegetables 
    • 1/4 chopped orange
    • 1/4 chopped banana
    • 1/2 chopped peach
    • one chopped dried fig
    • a small handful of cashews
    • and a few small 1/2 tsp sized globs of natural crunchy peanut butter.
  3. stir with a fork & enjoy with your morning coffee (i made my coffee AFTER i made this bowl, it was revolutionary)

*yes - i keep all of the above rations in my kitchen ready to grab, throw in a bowl, and eat. you will often find one sad looking last bite of a banana next to 2 tbsp of leftover cooked quinoa and half a beaten up peach just waiting around in my kitchen. this is just the sort of thing that makes breakfast easy.