chocolate covered rice cakes

when i first started eating low(er) sugar and gluten free i was pretty unsure what i should consume. at this point in my life i was living in edinburgh and pretty reliant on my local (and very-expensive-on-an-international-student-budget) health food store: Real Foods UK. 

on one of my adventures back to Canada i ended up in iceland (seriously go. it's the best) and felt pretty lost trying to navigate my way through a convenience store to find something for dinner after arriving in town late one evening. 

but there, on the awkward shelf of a small Icelandic convenience store, i saw these: Mrs. Crimbles Dark Chocolate Covered Rice Cakes.

i was addicted within 3.6 seconds (and yes, this is what i ate for dinner).

i tried to recreate these gems when i finally moved back to Canada but had  a hard time finding rice cakes that were thin enough - the thick ones are just not the same!  at some point though, these rice cakes made their way onto our Canadian grocery store shelves and since then i have been recreating this chocolate treat on a (very) regular basis. 

the best part is? they take like 5 minutes to make.


this is what you do:

heat some dark chocolate up on the stove until melted.

(usually I do half dark chocolate chips &  half coconut oil/cacao powder)

working in batches while the chocolate is hot, dip rice cakes in to cover top half, rest on baking sheet & pop in the freezer for a few minutes. 

if you like them extra chocolatey - dip a second time once they are cooled.