slowing down & enjoying the process

by nature, i'm a pretty instant-gratification type of girl. i'm not very good at making it through a yoga class (even when it's only 20 minutes), putting away the dishes, or (surprisingly) spending time making food (see my previous post).  i'm constantly rushing off to the next task while forgetting about the one i'm doing. 

as a perfectionist + futurist, i often forget to enjoy the process and this has been true for as long as i can remember. i very vividly remember one of my friends telling me in high school that it seemed like i was always working for my future life, rather than enjoying the one i have now.

that was just as true 15 years ago as it is today.


...and yet i'm still not good at stopping and taking a breath.

during this advent season: slowing down and embracing the present has been a goal of mine. so today i'm sharing an awesome recipe that I copied - that's right: i didn't make it from scratch! i didn't modify it (well - I did add candy canes...),  i just took the time to make it and i enjoyed it.

enjoyed my kitchen. enjoyed the ritual. enjoyed eating (too many of) them. 

so my challenge to you is to stop rushing around & do something that slows you down today. get in your kitchen and bake something. pour yourself a mug of tea, take a breath, eat some cookies and then take the rest of them over to your neighbour.

i promise you have enough time.

Double Chocolate Peppermint Cookies (Gluten Free + Dairy Free) by Beth @ Tasty Yummies.