honeyed dijon + thyme tuna salad

the first time i moved out of my parents house i was 20 years old and studying abroad in New Zealand. despite the fact that my mom had lovingly prepared our meals from scratch on a regular basis (and she had done a pretty great job at making us help out) i had no real idea how to feed myself on an ongoing basis. so, needless to say, when i was finally responsible for planning my own meals, grocery shopping + food prepping, things started to get a little out of hand. that year i pretty much lived off of mccain oven fries, vegetable pizzas and honey dijon tuna sandwiches - loaded with cheese - hot out of the sandwich press. 

fast forward 10 years and i've gotten incrementally better at knowing how to grocery shop, but i'm still not very good at planning my own meals (... let alone feeding my husband!). i like to eat on a whim, quickly and healthily. although meal planning is an essential element to healthy eating on an ongoing basis, i don't think i will ever become an expert at it. I mean - who knows on sunday what they'll want for lunch on Thursday?

not me! 

so this type of recipe is one of my favourites. it works with my on-a-whim style and is ready in 3 minutes flat. it's also much healthier than the many lunch hours i spent sharing chemical-laden jars of honey mustard under the glow of an over-used sandwich press while sitting in front of the telly catching up on shortland street with my flatmates.


Measure 1 tbsp of raw honey (i like this one) and place in a small-medium sized bowl. Gently heat in the microwave for about 20 seconds.

Add 1.5 tbsp of dijon mustard to the warm honey and stir until well mixed.

Open one can of tuna - i like to use the wild solid white albacore tuna by raincoast tuna which is wild caught, traceable and contained in BPA free cans - gently flake the tuna (if necessary) and add to the bowl with the honey + mustard.

Add ~1 tsp fresh thyme leaves (I used about 5-6 stalks), a couple pinches of malden sea salt (I love this one) + a wee bit of black pepper. 

Stir well to combine. 

(OPTIONAL) finely chop 5-6 pitted kalamata olives and stir again.

And there you have it!

a healthy + quick tuna salad to eat with a stack of greens, pile on top of toast or dip your corn chips in.