sunday roast + our new slow food tradition

has anyone else been watching the new Michael Pollan series "COOKED" on netflix? seriously you guys...

it's so good.


I was already a big Michael Pollan fan, but there is something about watching stories come to life in a documentary that just draws me in even more than when I read it in a book...sorry Katie. 

Anyway. In the second episode, Michael talks about how we don't take the time to prepare food anymore. He says:

"Time is the missing ingredient in our recipes and our lives. Most of us are moving too quickly for slow cooking"


Isn't that so true? As much as I love food and preparing food, I'm a real quick fix kind of girl. I really don't spend a lot of time waiting for flavours to mix and meat to tenderize. In fact - I'm actually not really very good at cooking at all! 

A couple of weeks ago Clinton and I started our own Sunday night roast tradition. This is totally not something that is convenient or fast  - although it really is quite easy! It requires us to be home in the afternoon: enjoying the smells of flavours combining, and it forces us to slow down.

We usually make a simple salad & some roasted veggies to accompany the chicken, then I make dessert.

Like a real dessert.

Chocolate cake. Chai banana bread. Cardamon Carrot Cake.

I'm telling you:

slow dinners are the best.


Really I don't have anything else to say - I just wanted to share & hopefully inspire you to slow down and make a real meal this week. 

Just one.

Let me know how it goes.