the very best iced coffee you'll ever have

okay. okay. 

i know i have been so terrible at sharing recipes lately, but i have a good excuse. 

i had a baby! a real one. most of you already know this, but for those of you who don't know us in real life our little guy 'zeke' made a fast and furious entry into our lives (seriously - he showed up in 2 hours...) on March 23rd. since then, we've been spending lots of time laying low, hanging with the little guy and studying the textbook that teaches us how to raise him*.

so, needless to say, we've had a few sleepless nights (& days) around here lately which means we've been drinking some coffee. 

i don't know about you but regular coffee tends to get old for me. i don't really like milk in my coffee and there are only so many times i want to drink a black americano - especially a hot one - so my most recent go-to has been iced coffee.

it was pretty simple actually. i'd brew one scoop of ground beans in my aeropress, fill a cocktail shaker with ice, then pour the hot coffee into the cocktail shaker and shake it vigorously until the shaker was nice & frosty. it makes a pretty good iced coffee and if you haven't done that before I suggest you stop right now and try that out first. 

anyway. at the same time i started going crazy with the iced coffees, my husband started going crazy with the bulletproof coffees. which naturally led me to think: what if i made an ICED bullet-proof cocktail-shaken coffee?

so that is exactly what i did. 

& here's how you can do it. 

1. Brew a cup of your regular standard coffee. I like to use an aeropressed coffee or an americano type coffee. 

2. Pour the coffee into a vitamix or high-speed blender. 

3. Add approx 1 tbsp (or a 1/2 tbsp, whatever floats your boat that day) of MCT Oil into the vitamix and a dash of cardamon spice (optional, but delicious). 

4. Put the lid on, hold your hand over it, blend on high for 20-30 seconds until you get a creamy looking coffee.

5. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, pour the coffee concoction over the ice, and shake the shaker vigorously until nice and frosty.

6. Pour into a glass and enjoy!




*= there isn't actually a textbook, that was a joke.