inspired by a lady who is helping out by making food.

I'm sure you guys have heard about the thai boys soccer team that has been trapped in a crazy cave network over these last few weeks. 

i actually can not imagine what it's like to be one of their mothers. but i'm not even going to go into that right now.

what i want to focus on is a woman that i have been totally inspired by. i read about her in an article in the guardian. here's what it says:

Wisalaya, a woman in her 50s who lives in the surrounding Mae Sai district, is one of the many community members who have set up makeshift kitchens at the site to hand out free meals to anyone who passes by. Throughout the day soldiers, medics, and reporters could be seen standing in two inches of mud, happily slurping noodle soup. Wisalaya said: “I’m here because I love helping, and I love food.”

Legitimately. this is a lady who could be doing something else. she could be shopping. she could be cooking for her own family. she could have stayed home and watched the story on the news or listened for updates on the radio. 

but she is out there. 

she is contributing to her community by making food for the people that are making this rescue possible. she's doing something in the background. she's doing what she knows she is good at (or who knows - maybe she is actually not even good at cooking...). but i love the simplicity of her response:

"i'm here because I love helping people and I love food."

I'd love to be like this woman. Not just in a crisis, but in everyday life.