things that take time

i’m all about slowing down.

and in order for me to slow down, i need to be hyper efficient.

i squeeze my workouts into 20 minutes, 30 minutes or maybe even 37.

i wash the dishes while i eat.

cook supper while making breakfast.

blog while on the go.

but i’m noticing that speeding up in order to slow down pretty much defeats the purpose entirely.

for example: today i have the whole day free. and you’d think that would make me want to take all the time in the world. and yet i catch myself trying to do 30 minute workouts, maybe do the one hour class at the gym - but a long bike ride? out of the question. 


But something happens to my heart when i do things that take a long time.

it slows down for real.

it calms down, it finds peace.

my brain gets creative.

i’ve got time to push through the barriers.

i breathe, for real. 

What can you do slowly today?